Miramar Ads is a DC based marketing firm,
specialized on Direct response television in the
powerful US Hispanic Market.With Hispanics 50
million people in the US and growing, it's not hard
to see why brands, national advertisers and media
buyers are spending hundreds of millions on
Spanish Language direct marketing campaigns

Hispanic Market is all we do.We leverage your
campaign for optimun impact.By working with us
and integrating a Hispanic Market budget, you can
improve your campaign performance overall with
lower costs(CPOS), higher margins and best
media ratio(MERS)
We use our knowledge of the preferences
of the Hispanic audience to unlock your
potential for this fast growing market
Direct Marketing  Experts for the US Hispanic Market
By 2050, Hispanics are projected to represent 1 in every 3 Americans
Now is the time to market Hispanics
  • One out of six Americans are Hispanic

  • The Hispanic population has surpassed 50

  • Hispanics accounted for more than half of
    the 27.3 million population growth in the last

  • Hispanic buying power is expected to grow
    50% from 1 trillion in 2010 to 1,5 trillion in
How Miramar Ads can help you to succeed!
Taking full advantage of the interaction of television and digital media, there’s not much the team at
Mirmar Ads can’t do. From initial planning stages through production, creative through media buying,
online and offline optimization through call center and fulfillment advice…our comprehensive and
expert capabilities mean that you’ll have the best shot possible at optimum performance—and
unparalleled success.
As of June 10th, 2014, Miramar Ads goes local to our Washington
DC neighborhoods, with Sabor Latino, a TV show featuring the
best dinning experiences in the Metro DC Area.For more
information visit the following site:
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